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Automobile Information

Policy Name Automobile
Insurer Motorists Mutual (Kentucky Division of State Risk)
Limit $1,000,000 (Liability)
Deductible $250 (Comprehensive & Collision “Full” Coverage provided only for  owned or leased, licensed vehicles of 7 years of age or earlier) (Vehicles over 7 years of age are covered “Liability-Only”)
Purpose Provide the University with Fleet and Rental Car coverage to cover vehicles on EKU-Approved-Business Travel.

What to do in case of an accident in an EKU Fleet or Rented vehicle?

  • Stop.  Pull off the Roadway.  Turn on the Emergency Lights.
  • Contact Emergency Authorities immediately (#911)
  • Administer 1st Aid (if needed and if trained to do so)
  • Open & Use the “What-To-Do” Packet in the Glove Compartment
  • Call the EKU Office of Risk Management (#859-622-5523)
How to File a Claim? Call Connie Howe (University Claims Specialist) @ 859-622-5523 immediately following the accident (within 48 hours) to start the claim process with Kentucky State Risk Management.
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